TF153 Anti-Slip Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner

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Format 4 x 3.78 L (4 X 1 US Gallon) Format N/A
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TF153 Anti-Slip Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner is formulated to provide the cleaning and soil suspension properties necessary to effectively clean and maintain positive slip resistant characteristics in a wide range of settings. These include restaurant and food service areas, restrooms, nursing homes, hospitals, and light industrial manufacturing facilities where food, protein-based soils, light oils, and dirt can cause slippery conditions. Detergents and surfactants effectively break down and suspend soils, removing the potential cause of many slippery floors. Special additives increase the coefficient of friction beyond the level normally inherent in the existing floor surface. Extensive laboratory and fi ld testing on various types of flooring (including resilient tile, ceramic and stone tile, sealed wood, and concrete) has demonstrated this product’s ability to raise the coefficient of friction readings beyond those required by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the 0.6 SCOF recommended by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Dilute TF153 Anti-Slip Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner with warm water at the following dilutions, depending on the degree and type of soil to be removed:
LIGHT DUTY SOILS: 6 oz (180 ml) TF153 per gallon (3.78 L) of water (1:20).
MEDIUM DUTY SOILS: 8 oz (240 ml) TF153 per gallon (3.78 L) of water (1:15).
HEAVY DUTY SOILS: 12 oz (360 ml) TF153 per gallon (3.78 L) of water (1:10).
Apply with either an autoscrubber or by damp mopping. In order to avoid re-depositing grease and protein soils when damp mopping, a two bucket system in which one bucket contains the TF153 and one bucket is used for soiled solution, should be used.
HEAVY DEPOSITS OF PROTEIN SOIL, DIRT, OR GREASE: Apply TF153 at 16 oz (470 ml) per gallon (3.78 L) of water (1:7) using a pressurized sprayer, watering can, or mop. Scrub the area with a stiff bristle brush or single disk rotary floor machine, remove the soiled solution with a wet/dry vacuum or mop, and finish the cleaning procedure by damp mopping. Allow the floor to dry. Do not rinse.

Technical Specifications
Active Ingredients Synthetic and Alkaline Detergents, Slip Resistant Additive
pH 11.0 – 12.0
Ammonia None
Alkali None
Acid None
Phosphates None
Abrasives None
Colour Blue
Odour Moderate
Solubility in Water Complete
Freeze/Thaw Stability 3 cycles
Shelf Life 1 year minimum at room temperature
Flash Point 200 °F (93.3 °C)
Weight per US Gallon (3.78 L) 8.5 lb (3,86 kg)
Biodegradeable Yes
Soil Suspension Excellent
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