THERMOTHANE Water Based Sealer

STATUS:  Discontinued and replaced with 2454277001 (CF325 4L) and 2454332001 (CF325 20L). Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Option 1 Option 2
Item # 1111278001 Item # 1111334001
Format 4X4L Format 1x20L
Weight 18.16 kg Weight 22.7 kg
System Free pour System Free pour
THERMOTHANE is a unique aqueous thermoplastic-urethane sealer specifically formulated for the protection of interior non-resilient surfaces such as concrete, quarry tile, mexican tile, unglazed ceramic, slate, etc. THERMOTHANE does not contain flammable solvents, it is odourless, fast drying and slip resistant. This water based emulsion sealer is available for industrial and institutional use where rugged durability and chemical resistance are required and when non-yellowing, odourless and waterproof properties are essential.

1.Sweep the floor to remove loose soil and debris. Remove grease, oil and soil with a heavy duty stripper degreaser using a floor machine or an automatic scrubber with a stripping pad or wire brush. Rinse floor thoroughly and allow to dry. If a permanent type scaler is on the floor, abrade with a 100 mesh screen back. Pre-test floor for proper sealer adhesion.
2.Apply two to three coats of sealer using a mop or applicator. Allow 30 to 60 minutes drying time between coats (under humid conditions allow for longer drying time).
3.Do not permit heavy traffic for 6 to 8 hours.
CAUTION: This sealer is not a concrete curing compound. Do not apply to new concrete less than 30 days old.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Opaque liquid
Colour White
Odour  Acrlyic
Specific Gravity 1.020 – 1.025
pH 7.5 – 8.0
Refractive Index 27.0 – 28.0%
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
LONO: Letter of Non-Objection for food plants
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