TOUCHE MAJIK TOUCH All Purpose Cream Cleanser

STATUS: Active

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SystemFree pourSystemN/A
Effective on all surfaces where a mild abrasive cleaner may be used including bathtubs, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks, wash basins, tile and porcelain surfaces.

Safe and easy to use. Shake contents well before using. Squirt a small quantity onto the surface and rub using a sponge or mop. Wipe off and rinse well with water.
NOTE: Special care may be necessary when using on aluminum, painted enamel, or other delicate surfaces.

Technical Specifications
AppearanceOpaque Cream
Odour Lemon
Specific Gravity1.400 – 1.460
Viscosity1440 – 2000 cps
pH10.0 – 10.7