VISEX PLUS Glass and Chrome Cleaner

STATUS: Active

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Format 4x4L Format N/A
Weight 16.80 kg Weight N/A
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VISEX PLUS is a blend of solvents and wetting agents especially designed to produce a superior glass and chrome cleaner.
• Contains grease cutting agents and emulsifiers.
• Powerful ready-to-use formula.
• Leaves no residues and dries fast.
• Fresh apple fragrance.

RREADY-TO-USE. Spray on surface and wipe using an absorbant cloth or paper towel. Polish to a bright, streak free surface. NOTE: The use of VISEX PLUS on plexiglass or acrylic could damage the surface.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Clear Liquid
Colour Green
Odour  Apples
Specific Gravity 0.980 – 1.000
pH 6.5 – 8.5
Refractive Index 6.2 – 7.6%