WF155 Citrus Based Restorer

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WF155 Citrus Based Restorer is perfect for wood floors that are finished, to restore to «like-new» gloss while raising the floor’s slip resistance coefficient. WF155 does not contain any wax or polymers therefore eliminates restorer build-up. This highly effective restorer removes embedded soil and repairs scuffs, scratches and dull spots while eliminating powdering.

NOTE: The first step in all floor maintenance is to remove any sticky residue, then dust mop. Do not use the product more than once per week. Always use with cold water.
WOOD FLOOR DEEP CLEANER AND RESTORER: (1:20), 180 ml/3.78 L, 6.1 oz/US gal, 48 ml/L.
1) Dilute product as indicated.
2) With either a mop or an autoscrubber (red pad), clean floor area.
3) Allow floor to dry thoroughly.
4) Burnish floor with high speed machine and appropriate pad (natural blend pad).
5) Dust mop floor.
WOOD FLOOR PREPARATION (prior to recoating): (1:15), 236 ml/3.78 L, 8 oz/US gal, 63 ml/L.
1) Dilute product as indicated.
2) Applications of steps 2.1 to 2.3 must be repeated per section of 19 m² (200 ft²).
2.1) Apply solution with a mop or an autoscrubber in 19 m² (200 ft²) sections.
2.2) Top scrub section with maroon surface prep pad, with a rotary floor machine or an autoscrubber.
2.3) Pick up soiled solution with wet vacuum or autoscrubber and continue in 19 m² (200 ft²) sections until the entire floor is sufficiently abraded.
3) Once the entire floor is sufficiently processed (abraded) then rinse the entire floor with WF154 Residual Free Heavy Duty Wood Cleaner following product use directions.
4) Once floor has completely dried, apply WF725 Water-Based Urethane Fortified Wood Coating following product use directions.

Dilution ratio  (1 part product : x parts water OR quantity of product / total quantity of solution)
Wood Floor Deep Cleaner and Restorer 1:20
48 ml / L
180 ml / 3.78 L
6.1 oz / US gal
Wood Floor Preparation (prior to recoating) 1:15
63 ml / L
236 ml / 3.78 L
8 oz / US gal
25 ml / 946 ml
105 ml / 4 L
0.8 oz / 32 oz
3.3 oz / US gal
Technical Specifications
Appearance Opaque liquid
Colour White
Odour  Characteristic
pH 7.0 – 9.0
Solids 28.5 – 31.5%
Viscocity <30 cps
Maximum VOC Content 274 g/L
US Gallon (3.78 L) Coverage 800 – 1000 ft2 (74 – 93 m2)
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