WF725 Water-Based Urethane Fortified Wood Coating

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WF725 Water-Based Urethane Fortified Wood Coating incorporates proven polycarbonate technology to provide enhanced benefits such as:
• Scratch and scuff resistance
• 1 year (minimum) durability with proper maintenance
• Depth of gloss
• Gloss longevity
• Extremely good response to restoration
Safety & Convenience
• Adheres to any gym floor coating in sound condition
• No sanding or screening
• Single-component – pour and apply
• Fast-drying – Play on it the next day
• VOC-compliant / NMP-free * / UL-classified (slip-resistant)
* NMP is a type of volatile organic compound harmful to the health

PLEASE NOTE: Read all directions before applying. Use only on previously sealed surfaces. Surface preparation, application method and on-site environmental conditions such as air flow, temperature and humidity are critical factors in the performance of the product. The first step in all floor maintenance is to remove any sticky residue, then dust mop. Test previously coated floor in an inconspicuous area before recoating to determine compatibility with existing finish.
SCRUB AND RECOAT: Prepare floor with WF155 Citrus Based Restorer, followed by WF154 Residual Free Heavy Duty Wood Cleaner following product use directions.
APPLICATION: Apply no more than 2 coats in 24 hours. Allow a dry time of at least 1 hour between coats. Humid conditions require longer dry time. It may be necessary to use a maroon surface prep pad to abrade the first coat if grain has raised or if it has dried longer than 4 hours. If so, abrade the floor with a previously used maroon surface prep pad. Always vacuum and water tack thoroughly after screening. Stir gently before using. Apply at a rate of 75-90 m2 (800-1000 ft2) per 3.78 L (one gallon). Use a heavyweight T-Bar with a clean, synthetic pad. Apply thin, even coats with the grain of the wood while walking at a slow, even pace. Walking too fast may produce excessive bubbling in the finish.
MAINTAIN: Dust mop at least daily, or more as required. Lightly damp mop soils with WF154 Residual Free Heavy Duty Wood Cleaner. For heavy soil conditions, auto scrub with red pad and WF154 Residual Free Heavy Duty Wood Cleaner following product use directions.
RESTORATION: Dust mop floor. Follow restoration directions of WF155 Citrus Based Restorer.

Technical Specifications
Appearance Clear Liquid
Colour Yellow
Odour  Citrus
pH (2%) 8.5 – 10.5
Refractive Index 3.0 – 5.0%
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