Keeping Senior Living Facilities Healthy and Clean

Keeping Senior Living Facilities Healthy and Clean

Canadians are living increasingly longer lives which means that senior living facilities are welcoming larger numbers of seniors into their buildings. Operating a healthy senior living facility is therefore not only beneficial for your business but helps optimize health care workers who are flooded with patients who acquire healthcare associate infections (HAI) resulting in an estimate of $1 billion each year.

Protecting your facility does not only mean maintaining its infrastructure but also necessarily includes protecting those who reside within your building. Ensuring that proper programs are implemented entails considering the most challenging areas and taking active measures to sustain the preservation of hygiene and cleanliness standards. Here are ways to overcome some of the challenges in your senior living facility:


Senior living facilities are unique in their cleaning needs as they require specialized cleaning programs that operate on a consistent basis. Odour control is an essential aspect of a sustainable cleaning program that not only contributes to the well-being of your residents but will attract new clients. Using neutralizers that eliminate the odour at the source will be exponentially more effective in eradicating odour producing bacteria rather than using odour solutions that mask the smell.


The growing senior population in Canada is resulting in a need for greater diligence in senior living facilities and demands for necessary reductions in the statistics of deaths resulting from hospital-acquired infections. The numbers are as high as up to 8,000 Canadian deaths per year that are a result of HAIs. Maintaining an indoor environment that operates at its optimal standard of cleanliness to manage outbreak of diseases and infections includes programs that encompass constant cleaning of common areas and frequent disinfection of critical touch points. Implementing specialized front and back of house cleaning programs that address the kitchen’s specific cleaning needs will contribute to the prevention of foodborne illnesses.


Cleaning dock and dumpsters and garbage rooms is an unpleasant but necessary task as soiled areas attract all types of insects and rodents. In order to reduce the traditional cleaning labor of using elbow grease to effectively clean this pain point, using a treatment that has been engineered to utilize microorganisms to attack malodours and digest organic matter that builds-up in dumpster areas will save you time and money. It will also be safer for the environment which continues to be a selling point for residents and their families.


Hand hygiene remains to be the most effective defense against the spread of disease. Regular handwashing should always be encouraged as an important component of a daily routine with special attention to handwashing technique. As an alternative to soap and water, fragrance free hand sanitizer can be a useful tool to decrease the spread of bacteria through contact with surfaces.


Most Building Service Contractors have a cleaning staff who can implement a cleaning program during the hours when the facility is not operating. Senior Living facilities do not have this luxury as their occupants use the space at all times. Therefore, having a floor care cleaning program includes insuring indoor air quality through daily sweeping, cleaning and maintenance to ensure that all dust particles are captured and removed from the indoor environment. A sustainable floor cleaning program tailored to your needs will drastically improve the indoor environment by eliminating dust, dirt, and other allergens that could become serious health hazards such as asthma.

Residents of senior living facilities are already at a higher risk than the rest of the population of acquiring an infection due to their age and increased vulnerability to illness. It is therefore not only an asset to maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment but a responsibility to ensure a high quality of life for residents and peace of mind for their family members and loved ones.


Carpet cleaning programs do not only help contribute to the health and cleanliness of the indoor environment in senior living facilities but they also reduce the appearance of impurities that contaminate buildings and contributes to improved indoor air quality.


Contact Avmor to learn more about your sustainable cleaning program that will provide a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.


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