Spring Cleaning with Avmor

With warmer weather approaching, soggy boots and dirt get tracked into the entrance ways of facilities. Now is the ideal time to take advantage of the pleasant season and start it off with a spring cleaning. Here are some helpful tips to get you back into the swing of things for a clean and healthy season!

In order to ensure your facility is cleaned to its full potential, use sustainable cleaning solutions that are both safer to use and safer for the environment. As you go through areas of your facility, pay special attention to critical touch points such as door handles, faucets, light switches, telephone, railing, computer keyboard and mouse, etc. as these are often the areas that contribute most to the spread of germs and must be disinfected regularly.

At the heart of cleaning is ensuring that sustainable practices ensure exceptional results. Choose an all-in one multi-purpose cleaner like Avmor’s EP50 Cleaner Disinfectant. EP50 will complete 95% of your general cleaning needs including floors, multi-purpose cleaner, disinfection, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and much more! The use of one product at different dilutions will address your general cleaning needs and it is a cost effective solution to ensure your indoor environment is safe and clean. An easily rinseable disinfectant with a hydrogen peroxide base is an ideal way of ensuring you meet your cleaning standards without the risk of toxicity that is often associated with conventional cleaners.

Start by decluttering and reorganizing to ensure your environment is off to a healthy and fresh start. Recycling and using cold water are responsible sustainable practices that will not only improve the indoor environment but help protect the outdoor environment as well. In addition to these practices, cleaning from top to bottom and inside to outside is an efficient way to clean as is dusting before vacuuming and cleaning floors. Floors should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt and mud build-up and carpets should be deep cleaned to remove salt deposits that stain carpets throughout the winter months.

Dock and dumpster areas should also be thoroughly cleaned as the temperature increases as these soiled areas tend to attract a variety of rodents and insects. Using an environmentally preferable solution in combination with a spray nozzle can drastically facilitate cleaning and help eliminate odours at the source. Cleaning away organic matter and cleaning deodorizing dumpsters, trash cans, loading docks, walls, vehicles, equipment and concrete floors is a cost-effective way of ensuring that all areas prone to bacteria growth and odour are targeted and eliminated for a healthy and clean environment.

Setting up maintenance schedules for your drains is a great way to take preventative measures to facilitate the cleaning process and maintain upkeep of your building. Using sustainable solutions for cleaning will reduce SKUs and bottom line while contributing to improved indoor air quality that will have a positive effect on productivity.

Before you get to this spring time ritual, here’s a checklist to help ensure the right areas are being targeted in your cleaning program to ensure the fresh start your facility needs to make it as good as new for the warm season ahead.

During spring cleaning, make sure to address these key areas :

  • Windows,
  • Window sills and ledges,
  • Mirrors,
  • Floors,
  • Carpets,
  • Entrance,
  • Foyers,
  • Hallways,
  • Doors and doorframes,
  • Walls,
  • Washrooms,
  • Graffiti,
  • Dumpsters and garbage bins.



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