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Why Did the FDA Ban 19 specific active ingredients, including Triclosan in Consumer Soap?

We all wash our hands throughout the day, and most of us have finally caught on to the fact that frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to protect our health. So, it’s logical to think that if handwashing helps keep us healthy, then adding antibacterial additives such as triclosan to soap – […]

Reduce Germs this Summer with a Proper Handwashing Routine

Summer vacation is already well underway, and with it comes exciting activities, family vacations, summer camp, sports, swimming… you name it! While the heat brings lots of fun and a much needed rest from the school year’s everyday routine, it is very important not to neglect hand hygiene. It might seem like the chances of […]

Protecting yourself against the Flu

Protecting your facility against the flu requires implementation of the right cleaning and disinfection procedures as well as clear and effective training programs. Healthy employees are conducive to a healthier and more productive work environment. While employees frequent your facility, make sure to communicate with employees about the importance of flu vaccines and daily steps […]


It’s in your hands Take into account the many things you do in a day including blowing your nose, playing with the dog, talking on the telephone, typing on the computer, touching the doorknobs; bring your hands into contact with germs. For this reason, frequent hand washing is the single most important thing you can […]

7 ways to stay healthy during the flu season

The flu season always causes stress and anxiety as everyone tries to power through the busy work period and avoid the years’ circulating viruses. It’s worth taking some important precautions as the cold weather sets in to make sure your facility works at optimal productivity levels and everyone within it is safe and healthy. Here […]


H3N2 is the flu strain of the year, meeting its predicted expectations of causing infection rates to rise. In fact, by the end of 2014, 166 outbreaks were reported in 8 provinces, 122 of which were in long term care facilities. This has caused overcrowding for some emergency rooms. With numbers still on the rise, […]