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Benefits of Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Study indicates the benefits of healthy indoor air quality in improving cognitive functioning by reducing VOCs and CO2.   A study published in 2015 from Harvard University about the benefit of healthy indoor air quality appears to say it all. According to the study, “people who work in well-ventilated offices with below-average levels of indoor […]

Focusing on Indoor Air Quality

School administrators have known for years that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have a negative impact on the health and performance of students, teachers, and all other staff. And, according to the Asthma Initiative of Michigan (AIM), which is designed to help educate parents, teachers, and school administrators about the negative impacts of poor […]

Keeping Restaurants Clean and Healthy

Keeping Restaurants Clean and Healthy Using Sustainable Products Food safety is a restaurant owner’s first priority as it enables the business to function according to the Restaurant Food and Safety Inspection Standards and preserves the health and safety of customers. However, food safety and a clean, healthy environment is not solely beneficial for the customer. […]

Shaking Things up for Spring

Shaking Things Up for Spring If you look up the origins of the term “spring cleaning,” you’ll find that it actually dates back thousands of years and is shared by major religions that all honored the tradition at about the same time each year. In what is now March and April, these faiths instructed their […]

BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Keeping Educational Facilities Healthy

Educational facilities operate for youths across all ages, from toddlers and children in elementary school, to the teenagers and young adults in high school and university. There are many objectives when implementing a cleaning program in educational facilities such as improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for all students, staff and any other persons that […]