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What You Need to Know about UL410 Certified Floorcare Products

Earlier this year, Avmor announced that four of its most popular floorcare products had been UL410 Certified.  Those products are: Avmor’s EP80, a concentrated floor sealer/finish. EP82, an ultra-high-speed (UHS) floor finish that provides high-gloss retention. PREMIERE, a high-gloss floor finish designed for low to heavily trafficked areas. DISTANCE, a UHS floor finish designed for […]

Five Questions and Answers about Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents

Five Questions and Answers about Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents Building managers and cleaning professionals are likely aware of the big slip and fall accident problem in North America.  In the U.S., it is estimated there are about three million emergency room visits each year due to slip and fall accidents. This costs about $31 […]

People are Falling – Statistics are NOT

This is the eye catching title of a 2015 article posted in Canada’s Occupational Health & Safety Magazine. According to the article, more than 40,000 Canadian workers are injured on the job due to a slip and fall accident. Along with the personal suffering, this costs employers and the government millions of dollars annually as […]

Winter conditions challenge facility maintenance

Snow and ice removal practices to prevent slip-and-falls and preserve flooring Wednesday, February 15, 2017 By Robert Kravitz With seasonal elements such as powerful blizzards and record-breaking snowfalls, ice melt should be applied to key walkways around facilities as part of a complete snow removal plan. According to a report released by the Toronto Public […]


Winter is here! With slush-covered boots, salt, snow, calcium and dirt are quickly invading our facilities! An ice storm brings in the New Year and, the better part of 2015, for most of us, has been spent by avoiding ice-rink sidewalks on our slippery commutes. With so much focus on not tripping over on our […]