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Here’s How to Keep Ice Melt From Harming Floors and Carpet

Covering many streets and walkways during the winter season is ice melt.  Just in case you are unsure of what ice melt is or how it works, here are the basics. The key ingredient in ice melt is salt, otherwise known as sodium chloride. However, it may also contain calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, which […]

The Power of Cleaning Can Help Protect Us from the Flu

The Power of Cleaning Can Help Protect Us from the Flu The flu season is fast approaching.  We likely won’t know for a couple of months how bad it will be this season, but none the less, it’s a good idea to start taking some cleaning steps now to keep people healthy. Yes, proper and […]

“Green” Winter Floor Care

If you are a steadfast believer in the Farmer’s Almanac, get ready now for the coming winter. According to the 2018 Canadian Farmer’s Almanac, here is what you can expect: “Anticipate a return to a colder, more normal winter from Quebec east into the Maritimes, with many locations experiencing above-normal precipitation. From the Great Lakes […]

Stop Snow in its Tracks

It’s possible to safeguard floors from seasonal damage by taking steps to restore, protect and maintain hard surfaces before, during and after harsh weather arrives. A cleaning solutions expert explains how North Americans spend more than $1 billion annually on hard-surface floor care products. And if facility managers don’t take preventive measures, especially before and […]

Winter conditions challenge facility maintenance

Snow and ice removal practices to prevent slip-and-falls and preserve flooring Wednesday, February 15, 2017 By Robert Kravitz With seasonal elements such as powerful blizzards and record-breaking snowfalls, ice melt should be applied to key walkways around facilities as part of a complete snow removal plan. According to a report released by the Toronto Public […]

Protecting yourself against the Flu

Protecting your facility against the flu requires implementation of the right cleaning and disinfection procedures as well as clear and effective training programs. Healthy employees are conducive to a healthier and more productive work environment. While employees frequent your facility, make sure to communicate with employees about the importance of flu vaccines and daily steps […]

Salt and Calcium Removal to Prepare for the Winter Season

Winter is here! Rather than dreading the winter weather that can wreck our facility floors, taking a proactive approach and preparing for inevitable salt and calcium stains can go a long way in facilitating the cleaning process. Conquer the winter challenges effectively. Be sure NOT to overlook the following areas: FLOORS To combat the build-up […]

7 ways to stay healthy during the flu season

The flu season always causes stress and anxiety as everyone tries to power through the busy work period and avoid the years’ circulating viruses. It’s worth taking some important precautions as the cold weather sets in to make sure your facility works at optimal productivity levels and everyone within it is safe and healthy. Here […]