Mobile Cleaning Carts Simplify Washroom Cleaning

Using mobile cleaning carts is an excellent way to implement a convenient routine cleaning. The flexibility and manoeuverability of cleaning carts make them an ideal component for a maintenance schedule in any facility. Using a cleaning cart that is most appropriate for your cleaning needs will optimize practicality.  The cleaning cart is an efficient, self-contained cleaning system and is especially applicable for cleaning washrooms, shower areas, trash areas, foodservice areas and much more. Some cleaning carts provide sanitization options as well as clean water rinsing and foaming nozzles.

No-Touch Washroom Cleaning

A recent article by restaurant and foodservice news indicates that patrons will base their decision to return to a restaurant on whether or not they had a positive impression of washroom cleanliness. They will even go as far as persuading others from entering the establishment as many people use washroom cleanliness as an indication for kitchen cleanliness. What’s more, the requirement for washroom maintenance cleaning increases during peak periods when staff is less available.  Since touchless cleaning such as integrated cleaning systems are compact, easy to use, and effective for both large and small areas, they are an ideal component of routine cleaning programs especially during peak business hours when time is of the essence. Touchless cleaning also completely eliminates employee contact with germs.

Labour Savings

The use of a mobile, no-touch cleaning system will increase productivity compared to conventional cleaning methods. On average it takes three minutes to clean a restroom unit. Using a compact cleaning cart with cut that time by half, leaving surfaces clean and germ-free.

There will also be significant cost reductions due to accurate chemical dilutions thereby minimizing waste.

The compact quality of mobile cleaning cart favours organization.  Being organized is an essential component of minimizing costs and improving your bottom line. The mobile cleaning cart makes organization a natural part of a routine cleaning.


Mobi-Maxx is a compact cleaning cart especially designed for smaller areas such as restrooms, showers, equipment rooms, trash areas, educational facilities, supermarkets and much more. Using Mobi-Maxx is not only ideal for saving time and money, but also for saving storage space. The compact cart also contains sanitation compartment and low pressure clean rinsing. Integrated storage space is perfect for accommodating extra chemical, cleaning supplies, or even a wet dry vac.

The convenience of a mobile cleaning cart, like Mobi-Maxx, is its versatility and practicality for both large and small spaces. Cleaning cannot fall through the cracks on a busy day when it is needed most. Mobi-Maxx ensures that cleaning is always a priority and that your building is well represented to customers. Quality of cleanliness in your facility should never be compromised, no matter the size of your business.



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